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Green Hero
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Under Protection of Your Brand

  • up to 10 hectares of reforested area
  • up to 35,000 trees planted

Strong corporate responsibility

  • news stream
  • professional high-resolution photo stream
  • certificates
  • video messages from forestries
  • sponsor tabloids on sites

Quality assurance

  • carefully selected forestries
  • double financing check
  • verification of reputation and reliability
  • on-site performance monitoring
  • monitoring compliance with best global reforestation practices
VIP gift
A hectare of planted forest for a CEO or an important partner - for those who want to be noticed
No compromises. You will receive the most outstanding and prestigious gift that will set you apart from the rest of the noise. And that's why:
First, taking care of the environment is wise, correct and fashionable!
Secondly, you will be remembered. You will present a large and stylish poster that will decorate the office of any businessman, leader and even leader of the country.
Third, the first two reasons are enough. Our forest is presented to leaders, governors, heads of state, Olympic champions and show business stars
IT systems for CO2 accounting and verified offset projects
You can choose from complete ESG solutions or just those you need:
  • deploy IT systems and infrastructures for carbon (CO2) footprint accounting
  • select and implement high-standards ESG projects to reduce enterprise carbon footprint at the cheapest prices possible, including full reporting prepared in English according to UN IPCC standards
  • develop, execute or both, your ESG-strategy at enterprise level quality
Mandatory carbon reporting is being introduced for the largest emitter with mandatory offsetting to follow next. It is time to find the most reliable and cheapest ESG solutions developer and start preparing for a new reality
Generate and sell carbon credits from your activity
verified carbon standard
verify and sell
choice of experts
Generate and sell carbon credits from your activity.

Any company, regardless of its activity, that emits less CO2 equivalent per year than the limits officially imposed or that has areas on which forest has grown or can be grown, can generate additional revenue by issuing and selling its own carbon credits.

 Our smart software:
  • calculates the amount of carbon in your projects
  • prepares all the necessary documentation in accordance with international standards for the issuance of verified carbon credits

Quality guarantees:
  • UN IPCC standards
  • audit by independent entities
  • CO2 leakage protection
Gold standard of corporate responsibility
World Significance Areas
remarkable locations
corporate leaders’ choice

Under Protection of Your Brand

  • up to 150 hectares of reforested area
  • population of three Red List rare animal species 
  • UNESCO Wolrd Heritage areas

Strong corporate responsibility

  • 40 stream news
  • 500 professional high-resolution photo stream materials
  • certificates
  • 10 video messages from forestries
  • sponsor tabloids on sites
  • 5 team building events

Quality assurance

  • carefully selected forestries
  • double financing check
  • verification of reputation and reliability
  • on-site performance monitoring
  • monitoring compliance with best global reforestation practices
Best return on every dollar
Go Zero-Emission!
offsetting carbon footprints
go green
expert choice

Planting forests is the most cost-effective way to implement environmental responsibility programs.

It is not just an image boost, rather a real improvement in your company’s sales and reputation.

You get

  • areas with the lowest reforestation cost per tree
  • all necessary paper and electronic reporting in an international language on a regular basis
  • industry-grade quality assurance and reliability

Quality assurance

  • carefully selected forestries
  • double financing check
  • verification of reputation and reliability
  • on-site performance monitoring
  • monitoring compliance with best global reforestation practices

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Why choose us
100% guarantee
of planting, regular care and 
preservation of your forest
In 168 languages

for your certificates and reports


lowest price for forest planting, guaranteed survival, no intermediaries or ephemeral companies involved 


before planting and 100 years later


we customize all our processes to suit your goals and objectives

of trees and hundreds of planting events

100% guarantee. No compromises!

We guarantee that your forest will be planted, taken care of and kept well

We gather the best natural reserves and national parks from across the globe on our platform. We have every forester checked in operation several times. 

With us


How to order your forest planting?

Step 1

Select a location for your forest - in the area where your company is operating, or where you spent your childhood. Or maybe where president, your friends or celebrities have planted their forests.

Step 2

Conclude a contract with our limited liability company or non-profit organization. We comply with all checks and provide information for your security system.

Step 3

Get your Forest Planting Certificate - one certificate for the entire forest area or many certificates for each individual tree, if you want to present them as gifts. We provide detailed reporting, meeting the highest standards, in any language you choose.

Step 4
Get your forest planted by professional foresters or come yourself to a teambuilding event and plant your forest on the ground.
Step 5

Get photo reports about survival and growth of your forest for 5 consecutive years.

Certificate – this is serious

When you pay for a forest planting, you receive a professional certificate with the signature of the forester, the geographic coordinates of your forest and the amount of CO2 absorbed. You can get a certificate both for the entire forest area and for each individual tree in this area.
Present the certificate as gift to your friends, or decorate your office, you can be proud of yourself!

Be sure!
CO2 Absorption Calculator by UN IPCC Standards

You can calculate the amount of carbon dioxide that can be absorbed by your trees during a selected time in any country.
1 year
25 years
50 years
75 years
100 years

Green Office

Get Your Green Office Ready!

Offsetting your carbon footprint

Every stroke on your keyboard and every cup of coffee leave a carbon footprint. We will examine your office and recycle all wasted energy into live trees.  

We will take unnecessary clothes for recycling

We will invite your staff to clean out their closets at home and will hand over the clothes to a specialized foundation.

We will take away your dead batteries

Yes indeed, one regular battery contaminates 215 square feet of land. It’s not always easy to get them recycled. We will arrange for a regular clean out of dead batteries from your office so that no battery fall down on the ground.

We will gamify separate collection of waste

Separate collection of waste may not always sound thrilling. We will make the separate collection a game for your staff!

Remarkable teambuilding event while planting your forest

We will fully organize a day outside in the wild – your forest planting, guided tours, field kitchen, tales by the forester and a million photos on Instagram.

We are talked about

«For five years now, every spring and autumn, we have been restoring forests throughout Russia. New natural territories are constantly connected to the program, the number of restored trees is growing.»
Dmitry Rudenko
Advisor to the President-Chairman of the Board of VTB
«Our clients can plant trees with just a few clicks. Four million trees have already been planted.»
Andrey Kostin
Head of
«Promoting the responsible use of resources is one of the four goals of X5 Retail Group's sustainability strategy. Through our joint action with Unilever, we will be able to contribute to the conservation and replenishment of forest resources.»
Trade network "Pyaterochka"
Tatiana Stepanova
Director of Operational and Brand Marketing Department
«I was impressed by the competence of a specialist and a client-oriented approach.»
Anastasia Isaeva
Project Manager of the Public Relations Department
«Flexibility in processes, prompt solution of all tasks related to the joint action, the most detailed and understandable answers to our questions. Manager Julia is one of the best I have ever worked with. I can recommend the company as a partner.»
PJSC "Sovcombank"
Anna Sapelkina
Head of Division, Affiliate Marketing Department
«Clarity, loyalty, willingness to meet and look for non-trivial solutions to any difficulties and problems. With such a big deal, Treeography employees inspire everyone with the excitement to do more and move on!»
Public Totem
Yana Stolyarova
Advertising and Marketing Manager
«Cool mechanics, team friendliness. It's great when good deeds are easy to put into practice. Of course, no one canceled the benefits of real volunteering, but attracting as many people as possible thanks to the digital approach is a great idea!»
Tatiana Nikonorova
Internal Communications Manager
«Reforestation is an invaluable contribution to the ecology of our country and the planet as a whole! Departure for landing caused us a storm of positive emotions. We felt ourselves involved in the common cause of greening our country. And the warm welcome in the forestry itself has sunk into the soul for a long time!»
Index Advertising Agency
Svetlana Sokolova
Account manager


The service works as platform with two groups of users: nature parks and protected areas register specific locations where forest is dead and new trees need to be planted; on the other hand, individuals and companies choose areas for reforestation and the number of trees to be planted.

  1. Deforestation of the dead forest and clearance operations in the area (in some projects the area is already cleared)
  2. Soil preparation - cutting furrows for seedlings
  3. Purchase of seedlings or saplings
  4. Planting seedlings or saplings
  5. Mechanized aftercare for 5 years
  6. Taxes and our company’s fee for the registration of new affected areas, planting control, five-year aftercare, and improvement of space imagery on the planting site.

The cost is largely reduced due to the scale because the forester plants thousands of trees at once, funded by hundreds of people.

The cost of reforestation depends on the geographic conditions in the area, complexity of the terrain, need for preparation before planting, differences in regional allowances that affect remuneration of foresters, on the planting materials used and their availability near the planting area, prices for all types of work, consumables, etc.

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