Our story

Treeography (Forest Laboratories, LLC) is a unique social Internet service for planting forests, connecting professional foresters and nature park administrations in the field with environmentally friendly people and communities on the web.

We allow both large companies and individuals to take part in reforestation, simplifying and reducing the cost of all processes as much as possible and providing annual reports and imagery about the aftercare, survival and growth of the planted trees in compliance with strict international environmental requirements.

Our achievements

  • We have already planted over 4 million trees in 50 specially protected natural areas in Europe and Asia and involved about one million people in reforestation practices. Our primary concern are the forest areas damaged by natural or manmade disasters as well as reforestation in nature reserves, areas of world significance or outside large cities and industrial sites to offset carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere.
  • Our platform is used by international partners such as IFC World Bank, World Economic Forum, Unilever, Davines and others. Chief executives of major corporations, private individuals, celebrities, non-governmental organizations and top state officials have planted forests using our website.
  • In May 2018, we presented our platform at the UN headquarters at the 13th session of the Forum on Forests at the personal invitation of the Head of the Cabinet of the President of the UN General Assembly for outstanding results in visible, transparent and effective reforestation.
  • We bring people together to promote reforestation as the top solution to tackle climate change and reverse the negative impact of human activity. We provide an efficient Internet tool to help plant real forests, raising funds for large reforestation areas, organizing Green Offices and teambuilding events while planting trees, and communicating our message at specialized forums.

Choose where to plant your forest and plant it in three clicks with Treeography!