100% forest restored

100% Transparency

Transparency in locations

Foresters mark territory that requires forest restoration. Sponsorship is provided only for specified territories. No blind execution.

Transparency in budget

Foresters set up requirements and get no more and no less than what was specified.

Transparency in donors

You choose what company to receive the funding from. Get to know sustainable companies that help Foresters combat deforestation.

Why work with us?

Completely free

We work in nonprofit fashion with Parks and Forests and do not charge them any fee and never will.

No time wasting

Let us find you donors that will help you restore forests, so that you can concentrate on taking care of forests.

Do not compromise on forest restoration

We know that with limited resources you have to make tough decisions to allocate funds for one location and sacrifice another. With us you can register as much territory as needs to be restored.

Some facts about Treeography

Join us and make the planet greener!