Treeography FAQ

How it works?

The service is built on the principle of a platform with two groups of users: on the one hand , protected areas, registering areas where a forest has died and trees are required to be planted; on the other hand , people and companies choosing forest area and the number of trees for restoration.

What's included in the price?

  1. Deforestation of the dead forest and cleaning of the territory (in some projects the territory has already been cleared);
  2. Soil preparation - cutting of furrows;
  3. Purchase of seedlings;
  4. Planting seedlings;
  5. Mechanized care of seedlings for 5 years;
  6. Taxes and commission of our company for registration of new affected territories, control over landings and subsequent five-year care and improvement of the quality of space images of the site.

Why is the cost so low?

The cost is significantly reduced due to the scale - the forester plants tens of thousands of trees at once, the restoration of which was financed by hundreds of people.

Why is the cost of projects different?

The cost of reforestation depends on the geography of the site, the complexity of the relief, the need for preparatory work before planting, differences in regional allowances affecting the remuneration of foresters, on the planting material used and its availability near the planting site, prices for all types of work, consumables and etc.

When will my forest be planted?

The most favorable months for planting forests are April-May; September October. The date indicated on the website is approximate. A more exact date will be determined by the forester based on weather conditions, as well as the results of the occupancy of the site. The forester will announce the exact date on the website two weeks before landing.

Will my forest be cut down?

No, we are restoring forests of specially protected natural areas, which are subject to a special regime of protection and protection.

Why will this particular tree species be restored?

The species of trees is determined by the forester on the basis of what has historically grown in a given area and what species is necessary to restore the disturbed ecosystem.

Where do seedlings come from and what are they?

Saplings - This young trees two or three years, which take root much better than mature trees. The seedlings are supplied by the best forest nursery in the region, which is chosen by the forester.

How do I know exactly where my trees are?

The certificate will contain geo-data about the location of your forest in the form of GPS coordinates. So you can visit your forest in 5 and 50 years.

Can I cancel an order?

Yes, to cancel your order, please send an order confirmation email to with the "Cancel" mark.