Why will your forest be planted and grown for sure?

In short:

We are forestry professionals, the largest companies and even the President of Russia V.V. Putin!

The most important:

  1. We plant forests only where clear felling is prohibited, we restore forests for which a special regime of protection and protection has been established.

  2. We know that taking care of it in the first five years is extremely important for the growth of the seedling. Foresters tend to every tree planted in every area. Your forest will take root and will delight your grandchildren!

They trust us:

We have planted 4 million trees in 50 specially protected natural areas in Russia.

Only through our platform you can plant a forest in such well-known National Parks as: "Ugra", "Reserved Mordovia", "Meshchersky", "Smolenskoye Poozerie", "Pribaikalsky" and many others.

We have attracted about a million people to reforestation, as well as companies such as IFC World Bank, Pochta Bank, VTB Group, Unilever, QBF, Opti-Com and others.

We cooperate with the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia and constantly act as experts on public platforms and in the media.

And we guarantee you a lot of pleasure in planting your own forest! Don't forget to come and plant the forest yourself.