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Национальный парк Угра - место соединения исторических эпох, природных красот и исконной русской культуры, оставляющие глубокое впечатление и желание не раз сюда вернуться. Данный участок расположен в Воротынском участковом лесничестве, недалеко от города Перемышль. Причиной гибели хвойного леса стал жук короед-типограф. Сухостойный лес вырублен и на месте ельника планируется восстановить дубравы, которые вернут исторический облик лесам Национального парка "Угра" и восстановят нарушенную экосистему.


Your forest will definitely grow — a forester will look after it for five years after planting
If a forester is unable to plant a forest here due to force majeure, we will find a similar area
This is one of the most famous parks in the world. You can trust it!
Viktor Grishenkov
Dear friends! We have conducted annual monitoring and are ready to share great news with you. According to the results of the inventory of the current year, the survival rate of forest crops was 83%. The state of the young forest without obvious damage. No pests were detected at the site. Follow our reports and thank you for restoring the forest.
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Viktor Grishenkov
Hello, friends! Foresters conducted cares throughout the Vorotynsky forestry. Trees were mowed by weeds.
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Viktor Grishenkov
Hello, dear friends! This year, our forest celebrates a small anniversary - three years from the moment of planting. Seedlings turned into young trees and show good growth. To ensure a stable survival in the future, the staff of the Ugra National Park conduct regular agrotechnical cares: weed vegetation shading oaks is removed, to ensure optimal lighting conditions, and oak seedlings are mowed within 0.5 m from ... the trunk in order to prevent injury to them from grass that lies beneath under the snow cover. So, we are preparing our young forest for the winter.
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Viktor Grishenkov
The role of care in the cultivation of oak is very large. The foresters say: "Oak likes to grow in a fur coat, but with an open head." Care should begin immediately after the threat of further growth of the oak in height appears. In the first years after planting, the number of departures must be at least 2 per season. Weeding out weeds and seedlings of soft-leaved species was carried out manually, directly ... around the oak trunks. On both sides of a number of crops, on strips with a width of 0.4-0.5 meters, continuous mowing of weed grass and wood-shrub vegetation was carried out with the Stihl-480 crop wrenches. At all sites, the treatments were carried out in two steps. An indicator of the quality of planting in the engraftment stage (1-2 years) is their survival rate, determined by the ratio of the number of seats occupied by young trees of cultivated species, to the total number of seats taken into account, expressed as a percentage. According to the results of the inventory of landings of this year, the survival rate amounted to more than 85 percent.
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Annual care
Viktor Grishenkov
Forest reproduction is the main method of restoring forest ecosystems disturbed by past economic activities. At the same time, new forest plantations should be close to their natural historical appearance in appropriate growing conditions. The most effective method of restoration of lost plantings is the creation of forest crops, reproduced by planting or planting. The experience of the national park ... “Ugra” in the restoration of damaged and dead forest plantations in collaboration with the young Russian company “Passion Fruit”, which has developed a unique electronic service for reforestation, seems to be quite successful. In the spring of 2015, four thousand pedunculate oak seedlings were planted with the support of the OZON company and the maraquia.com platform “Passion Fruit”. The participants successfully mastered the technology of planting, learned to use a special tree-planting tool - Kolesov’s sword.
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Site preparation (removing invasive species, etc.)

A man has planted a forest here

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