61 tons

Of oxygen will be produced


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About area

Park "Konstantinovsky" is a large pond, tall maples and birches dear to the soul, cultural monuments, bookcrossing and cozy benches nearby. Here you have time to breathe fresh air and think about the beautiful. And if you are completely bored, then take the ball with you and come with your family to play on the football field - there is enough space for everyone. Park "Konstantinovsky" - a place of unity with nature. Flowering trees and shrubs will decorate the main alley of our park.


Your forest will definitely grow — a forester will look after it for five years after planting
If a forester is unable to plant a forest here due to force majeure, we will find a similar area
This is one of the most famous parks in the world. You can trust it!
CO2 Absorption
1 year
25 years
50 years
78 tons