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В самой западной части нашей страны тянется знаменитая Куршская коса – самая длинная в мире песчаная пересыпь, отделяющая пресноводный Куршский залив от соленого Балтийского моря. Куршская коса – это бесконечные песчаные дюны, поля лишайников, сосновые леса и светлые березовые рощи. На территории Зеленоградского лесничества необходимо восстановить участок, вышедший из под сплошной санитарной рубки по причине затопления участка бобрами. Бобров переселили, вода сошла и осенью планируется высадить 4000 новых деревьев породы сосны обыкновенной для восстановления нарушенной экосистемы.


Your forest will definitely grow — a forester will look after it for five years after planting
If a forester is unable to plant a forest here due to force majeure, we will find a similar area
This is one of the most famous parks in the world. You can trust it!
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Poplavskij
Hello dear friends! Our forest celebrates a small anniversary - four years from the time of planting. Seedlings are stronger and show good growth. In September, our employees held agricultural care events. When examining the area of forest crops, good survival was noted. The state of the young forest is without obvious damage. No pests were detected at the site. Follow our reports and thank you for restoring the ... forest.
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Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Poplavskij
Dear friends, we have conducted annual survival monitoring and are ready to share great news with you. Despite the unfavorable weather conditions in the current year (severe frosts, rainy spring, late frosts), the landings safely survived the winter and show active growth. You can learn about our pines, from our photo report. In May-June 2018, the foresters carried out one-time care; on the territory, they ... clarified and removed excess black alder, which takes nutrients from the pines. Now our forest will have more light and air, which means the growth will go at an accelerated pace. Thank you for staying with us, we will delight you with new reports!
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Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Poplavskij
In the westernmost part of our country, the famous Curonian Spit is the longest sandy bed in the world, which separates the freshwater Curonian Lagoon from the salty Baltic Sea. Curonian Spit - these are endless sand dunes, lichen fields, pine forests and light birch groves. On the territory of Zelenograd forest district, it is necessary to restore the area that emerged from under the clear sanitary felling due to ... flooding of the area with beavers. The beavers have been resettled, the water has descended, and in the fall it is planned to plant 4,000 new trees of the pine tree species to restore the damaged ecosystem.
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