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Живописные ландшафты, пойменные озера, целебные родники, густые леса – все это привлекает туристов в национальный парк «Смольный». Парк создан для сохранения особо ценных природных комплексов зоны смешанных лесов Республики Мордовия, имеющих особую экологическую и эстетическую ценность. Южная часть лесного массива и примыкающая к ней пойма реки Алатырь является ключевой орнитологической территорией мирового значения. Здесь гнездятся такие редкие для России виды птиц, как большой подорлик, могильник, орлан-белохвост, степная пустельга, степной лунь, коростель, дупель. Данный участок леса пострадал от пожара 2010 года. Весной 2016 года планируется очистить территорию от сухостоя и подготовить почву для посадки. Весной 2017 года благодаря участию клиентов Лето Банка новый лес будет посажен.


Your forest will definitely grow — a forester will look after it for five years after planting
If a forester is unable to plant a forest here due to force majeure, we will find a similar area
This is one of the most famous parks in the world. You can trust it!
Annual care
Hello, friends! Our planting feels great, the pines show strong growth. Currently, agrotechnical cares are taking place in the reserve. Soil loosening and mowing of trees occurs. Thank you for being with us!
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Yevgenij Artyux
In May 2018, when the trees moved away from sleep and started to grow, it was time to evaluate the quality of the work done on planting the forest. The survival rate of forest crops is a value determined by the ratio of the number of planting or sowing places occupied by trees and shrubs of cultivated species to the total number of registered planting or sowing places, according to the act of technical acceptance, ... expressed in percent. The survival rate of forest crops in this area was 92.6%. This survival rate is good, and it gives hope that these forest cultures will be transferred to a forested area after 5 years. Although there is still much to be done for this: these are complements of forest crops and multiple agrotechnical cares, which we will tell you about on the site page.
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Yevgenij Artyux
Dear friends! That ended the landing on our sites. On behalf of the administration, we thank all those who took part in the restoration of this site, the staff and customers of Pochta Bank. You are the people who were not indifferent to the issue of forest restoration. Ahead of us are waiting for agrotechnical cares and other forestry measures, which we will be happy to tell about!
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Yevgenij Artyux
The administration of Mordovia Reserve thanks everyone who took part in the restoration of this site! We start planting a forest and happily invite you to join. If you want to plant your own trees, come on October 5 to 08.00 in the village. Smolny, Ichalkovsky district of the Republic of Mordovia. We will meet you, we will show you everything and teach you to plant a forest! Registration for the event and details on the ... link https://Treeography-com.timepad.ru/event/588566/
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Yevgenij Artyux
Picturesque landscapes, floodplain lakes, healing springs, dense forests - all this attracts tourists to the Smolny National Park. The park was created to preserve especially valuable natural complexes of the mixed forest zone of the Republic of Mordovia, which have a special ecological and aesthetic value. The southern part of the forest and the adjacent floodplain of the Alatyr River is a key ornithological ... territory of world importance. Such rare for Russia bird species nest here, such as the great spotted eagle, imperial eagle, white-tailed eagle, steppe kestrel, steppe harrier, corncrake, snipe. This area of forest suffered from the 2010 fire. In the spring of 2016, it is planned to clear the area of dead wood and prepare the ground for planting. In the spring of 2017, thanks to the participation of clients of Summer Bank, a new forest will be planted.
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