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Данный участок расположен в зеленой зоне Хабаровска, на берегу озера Петропавловское, впадающего в Амур. Это излюбленное место отдыха хабаровчан и жителей окрестных деревень. На берегу озера расположен детский и студенческий лагеря. В 2016 году здесь была проведена сплошная санитарная рубка осиново-березовых насаждений. Мы поставили перед собой задачу возродить исторические насаждения, характерные для данной местности. И очень надеемся весной 2018 года при поддержке клиентов и сотрудников Почта Банка приступить к посадке саженцев лиственницы даурской.


Your forest will definitely grow — a forester will look after it for five years after planting
If a forester is unable to plant a forest here due to force majeure, we will find a similar area
This is one of the most famous parks in the world. You can trust it!
Anatolij Romanovich Kozik
Hello dear friends! This summer, an emergency regime was introduced throughout the Khabarovsk Territory due to flooding. Our site was flooded for two summer months. Leaving was impossible. We will conduct an audit of the site next year, but it is now clear that the surviving seedlings have grown well. We will inform you about the results of monitoring the site. Follow our reports and thank you for restoring the ... forest.
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Anatolij Romanovich Kozik
Good afternoon dear friends! Our larches show an excellent survival rate and high growth in the apical bud - up to 20 cm. Foresters carried out the first agrotechnical treatments - removed weedy grass vegetation, which takes moisture from the seedlings and deprives them of the necessary lighting. Such treatments will be repeated regularly until the seedlings grow enough to cut off access to sunlight for ... light-loving weeds with their crown. Look at how the forest grows, you can on our photo report. Thank you for being with us!
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Anatolij Romanovich Kozik
That ended our landing. Dear friends, thank you so much to all the clients and employees of Post Bank for such an important environmental project. Our planting of young larch seedlings gathered wonderful and friendly people. Even a drizzling rain did not prevent holding the event joyfully and with enthusiasm. On the site we set up an information stand telling all visitors about the landing. Ahead of us are waiting ... for agrotechnical care, which we will be happy to tell you.
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Anatolij Romanovich Kozik
That long-awaited time has come when planting forests in the green zone of Khabarovsk will become a reality! It's time to start landing! If you want to join us and independently plant your forest below useful information: Planting date: May 25, Friday Collection time: 10:00 Collection address: Khabarovsk Territory, Khabarovsk District, Sosnovka Village, ul. Highway, d.25. What you need to take with you: - ... rubber boots - rain cover in case of rain We will meet you, show and teach you to plant the forest! Registration at https://Treeography-com.timepad.ru/event/380049/
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Anatolij Romanovich Kozik
This site is located in a green area of Khabarovsk, on the shore of Lake Petropavlovsk, which flows into the Amur. This is a favorite vacation spot of Khabarovsk residents and residents of the surrounding villages. On the shore of the lake is a children's and student camps. In 2016, there was a continuous sanitary felling of aspen-birch stands. We set ourselves the task of reviving the historical plantings ... characteristic of the area. And we hope very much in the spring of 2018, with the support of the clients and employees of Pochta Bank, to begin planting Dahurian larch saplings.
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