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На территории Алтайский края находятся уникальные ленточные боры, которые состоят из сосновых насаждений и образуют свой уникальный климат и разнообразие животного и растительного мира. Бор имеет большое социально-экономическое и экологическое значение для Угловского района Алтайского края. Он служит главным источником древесины для жителей степной зоны; является традиционным местом отдыха, сбора ягод и грибов и, что важно, оказывает смягчающее действие на микроклимат района.Уникальность ленточных боров Угловского района заключается в том, что они, находясь по краям степи, образуют свой более влажный микроклимат. В 1997, 2000 годах на территории лесничества произошли крупные лесные пожары на площади более 30 тыс. га. На протяжении 20 лет вОзеро-Кузнецовском лесничестве проводятся мероприятия по восстановлению лесного массива. Ежегодно специалистами лесной отрасли осуществляется посадка лесных культур на площади более 1000 га.


Your forest will definitely grow — a forester will look after it for five years after planting
If a forester is unable to plant a forest here due to force majeure, we will find a similar area
This is one of the most famous parks in the world. You can trust it!
Igor Mixajlovich Dergachev
Dear friends! The 2020 season will be remembered for a long time. Many triographers self-insulated at home, but the spring could not be stopped, and the planting season could not be missed. (Recall that the triographer is the one who plants trees and opens up new territories on the green map of our country) So, we planted all your trees! They had to be planted only by personnel: we did not want to expose the guests or the ... photographer to the risk of getting sick. Therefore, the photos this time turned out to be unprofessional, but from the heart. We thank everyone for participating in the restoration of the Lake-Kuznetsovsky forestry.
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Planting completed successfully
Igor Mixajlovich Dergachev
Ten kilometers from the border with Kazakhstan, there are two ribbon pine forests, which can be seen even from space. These forests are a real oasis in the steppe. Here a certain microclimate is formed that affects the environment. For example, in winter, ribbon boron accumulates snow, which slowly melts in spring and feeds steppe rivers and lakes with groundwater. And in the summer, the forest is a natural ... obstacle to dusty and sandy Asian storms. In addition to pines, birch, aspen, poplar, willow, meadowsweet, raspberry, bird cherry, as well as numerous herbs and plants included in the Red Book of Altai Territory grow in the forest. In the fall, experienced mushroom pickers fill their onions here with breasts, oils, honey agarics, mushrooms. Elk, Siberian roe deer, hare, fox, wolf, chipmunk, squirrel, lynx, badger, ermine, wild boar, muskrat, beaver and other animals and birds live in this ecosystem. In 1997 and 2000, large forest fires occurred on the territory of the forestry, affecting an area of more than 30 thousand ha. Over the past 20 years, measures have been taken to restore the forest in the Lake Kuznetsovskoye lesnichestvo. Forestry specialists are able to gradually restore forest plantations and revive the lost ecosystem of tape forests. With the help of clients and employees of Post Bank, we plan to plant seedlings of common pine here, which will return the ribbon to its original appearance.
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