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На участке планируется посадка 3 500 саженцев сосны обыкновенной. Сейчас данный участок зарастает сорной растительностью, но с помощью небезразличных к состоянию окружающей среды людей, клиентов и сотрудников Почта Банка, а также усилиями Прокопьевского лесничества мы постараемся восстановить на данном участке сосновый лес.


Your forest will definitely grow — a forester will look after it for five years after planting
If a forester is unable to plant a forest here due to force majeure, we will find a similar area
This is one of the most famous parks in the world. You can trust it!
Mixail Sergeevich Novikov
Dear friends! We have conducted annual monitoring and are ready to share great news with you. According to the results of the inventory of the current year, good survival rate of forest plantations was noted. The state of the young forest without obvious damage. No pests were detected at the site. Follow our reports and thank you for restoring the forest.
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Весенний отчет о приживаемости
Hello, friends! We are glad to share good news: our forest is taking root well, no pests have been found on the site. Currently, foresters carry out agrotechnical care for plantings. Thank you for being with us!
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Mixail Sergeevich Novikov
Dear friends! We hurry to tell and show how the landing went. We met participants with Siberian enthusiasm, hospitably and with a song. Young pine seedlings were planted by hand, but the planting was easy, as nature itself helped us, feeling the care shown towards it. The weather was bright and warm in summer, and after a day it rained through the region, thus creating the most favorable conditions for the seedlings. ... During the year we will closely monitor the germination on the site. Follow our news. Thank you for restoring the forest!
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Planting completed successfully
Mixail Sergeevich Novikov
Dear friends! That came the long-awaited time when planting forests in the Prokopevsky forest area will become a reality. If you want to join us and plant your own forest, below is useful information: Planting date: September 20, 2018, Thursday. Collection time: 11:00 local time. Place of collection: Kemerovo region, Prokopyevsky district, village New building, public transport stop near the street. ... Borovskaya, 8 (from the gathering place to the landing site - about 10 km, 3 km of which lie along a bulk road). What you need to take with you: - rubber boots; - rain cover in case of rain; - tea with sandwiches. In addition, if at a specified time you are busy or a site in the Prokopevsk forestry is far away from you, you can take part in planting a forest on a plot in the Chebulinsky forest district. Planting date: September 21, 2018, Friday. Collection time: 10:00 local time. Collection place: Kemerovo region, Chebulinsky district, village Verkh-Chebula, ul. Mira, d. 16 (near the building of the Administration of Chebulinsky district) Registration by link: For forest planting in Prokopevskoye forestry: https://Treeography-com.timepad.ru/event/manage/573321/ For forest planting in Chebulinsky forestry: https://Treeography-com.timepad.ru/event/ manage / 381457 / We will meet you, show you everything and teach you to plant a forest!
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Mixail Sergeevich Novikov
In the area near the Big Kerlegesh, 4,000 pine saplings are planted. Now the territory is overgrown with weeds, but with the help of people, customers and employees of the Bank Post, who are not indifferent to the state of the environment, as well as with the efforts of Prokopevsky forestry, we will try to restore the pine forest in this area.
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25 years
50 years
175 tons
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