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Алтайский край необычно богат ленточными борами, которые весьма эффектно рассекают степные равнины. Одним из таких является Чупинский бор, расположенный на территории Шипуновского района Алтайского края. Его уникальность заключается в том, что находится это чудо природы как бы посреди огромной степи, и на первый взгляд, совершенно не понятно, откуда оно там могло взяться. Локтевская лента, в состав которой входил Чупинский бор, возникла в послеледниковый период. Лесная лента занимала площадь 3184 га, но лес стал активно использоваться людьми и практически полностью сгорела в топках демидовских заводов. К началу 90-х годов XX века остался от нее небольшой Чупинский бор в бассейне реки Чарыш и ее притока. Но и он был на грани исчезновения. Уничтожению этого бора способствовали массовые вырубки сосны, лесные пожары, а также засухи, суховеи и интенсивный выпас скота в окрестностях, приведшие к образованию песчаных барханов. К 1985 году площадь Чупинского бора сократилась в десять раз. Специалистами лесной отрасли, на месте утраченного бора уже удалось создать лес в степи и соединить его с реликтовыми остатками Чупинского бора. Рукотворная сосновая лента простирается на данный момент на 25 км – от села Самсоново до Кособоково. Мы надеемся, что с помощью клиентов Почта Банка и всех неравнодушных к природе людей, нам удастся продолжить начатое. Восстановление Чупинского бора должно положительно повлиять на местную, к сожалению, мелеющую реку Чарыш.


Your forest will definitely grow — a forester will look after it for five years after planting
If a forester is unable to plant a forest here due to force majeure, we will find a similar area
This is one of the most famous parks in the world. You can trust it!
Igor Mixajlovich Dergachev
Here the seedlings in the Shipunovskoye forestry have wintered one more winter. The winter was warm and snowy, so the soil was well saturated with moisture. Also, spring pleases with calm rains, which favorably affects the growth of planted seedlings. When examining the seedlings, no damage or signs of disease were revealed (the needles turned yellow from below are natural for our region, it does not affect the ... further growth of seedlings!).
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Annual care
Good afternoon friends! Look how our forest has grown! Planting feels great, pines are growing. We regularly conduct examinations and cares for our little pets, providing them with better access to light and moisture.
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Igor Mixajlovich Dergachev
Hello, dear friends! Planting forests in Chupinsky forest completed. We planted pine seedlings with a closed root system using the Pottiputki planting tube. Manual labor when landing this method is preserved, but it is more technologically advanced in comparison with the landing under Kolesov’s sword. Also, planted seedlings have a better survival rate and, therefore, lower planting density compared with ... planting material with an open root system. We will learn about the effectiveness of the selected reforestation method and the survival rate of forest crops in the following year based on the results of the inventory. Follow our news and thank you for restoring the forest!
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Igor Mixajlovich Dergachev
Dear friends! Very soon, reforestation work will begin in Chupinsky Bor. We invite you to take part in the forest planting, which will be held on October 11, 2018. Time and place of collection: 09:30 local time, Altai Territory, Shipunovsky District, Shipunovo Village, Lunacharsky Street, 129 (office of Shipunovsky Leskhoz). What you need to take with you: - rubber boots; - rain cover in case of rain. If you decide ... to take part in the event, please register here: https://Treeography-com.timepad.ru/event/381457/
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Igor Mixajlovich Dergachev
The Altai Territory is unusually rich in pine forests, which very effectively cut through the steppe plains. One of these is the Chupinsky Bor, located on the territory of the Shipunovsky District. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that this miracle of nature is located in the middle of a huge steppe, and at first glance it is not at all clear where it could come from. Loktevskaya tape, which included Chupinsky boron, ... originated in the post-glacial period. The forest belt covered an area of 3,184 hectares, but the forest was actively used by people and almost completely burned in the furnaces of Demidov factories. By the beginning of the 90s of the 20th century, a small Chupinsky forest in the basin of the Charysh river and its tributaries remained from it. But he was on the verge of extinction. Massive felling of pine trees, forest fires, as well as droughts, dry winds and intensive grazing in the vicinity, which led to the formation of sand dunes, contributed to the destruction of this boron. Forest industry specialists have already succeeded in creating a forest in the steppe at the site of the lost boron and connecting it with the relict remains of Chupinsky boron. We hope that with your help we will be able to continue what we have begun - to plant 22,000 pines on 10 hectares. The restoration of Chupinsky boron should have a positive effect on the local, unfortunately, shallow Charysh river.
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