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Живописные ландшафты, пойменные озера, целебные родники, густые леса – все это привлекает туристов в национальный парк «Заповедная Мордовия». Парк создан для сохранения особо ценных природных комплексов зоны смешанных лесов Республики Мордовия, имеющих особую экологическую и эстетическую ценность. Южная часть лесного массива и примыкающая к ней пойма реки Алатырь является ключевой орнитологической территорией мирового значения. Здесь гнездятся такие редкие для России виды птиц, как большой подорлик, могильник, орлан-белохвост, степная пустельга, степной лунь, коростель, дупель. Благодаря участию клиентов Почта Банка мы планируем посадить на участке саженцы сосны, что поможет восстановить нарушенную экосистему.


Your forest will definitely grow — a forester will look after it for five years after planting
If a forester is unable to plant a forest here due to force majeure, we will find a similar area
This is one of the most famous parks in the world. You can trust it!
Yevgenij Artyux
Friends, hello! Landing on the site took place. You can find out how it went from our photo report. Thank you for restoring the forests of Russia!
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Yevgenij Artyux
Dear friends! We invite you to take part in the planting of forests in the Mordovia Reserve, below useful information: Planting date: April 22, 2019, Monday. Collection time: 10:00, time coincides with Moscow. Address: Republic of Mordovia, Ichkalovsky district, pos. Smolny, public transport stop (Centralnaya St., 11); Link to the venue with a photo stop: https://goo.gl/maps/cZZ5yotxQB62 Coordinates for ... the navigator: 54.7234849.455.2874846 The site is located 70 km from Saransk, 15 km from the village. Smolny (meeting places). In good weather, you can get to the landing site on your own car. In case of rain, or if you traveled to Smolny by public transport, transportation by forestry from the meeting point to the site will be arranged. What you need to take with you: - rubber boots, - gloves, - rain coat, - snack and water. To participate in the landing it is necessary to register by the link: https://Treeography-com.timepad.ru/event/955341/
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Yevgenij Artyux
Picturesque landscapes, floodplain lakes, healing springs, dense forests - all this attracts tourists to the National Park “Mordovia Reserve”. The park was created to preserve especially valuable natural complexes of the mixed forest zone of the Republic of Mordovia, which have a special ecological and aesthetic value. The southern part of the forest and the adjacent floodplain of the Alatyr River is a key ... ornithological territory of world importance. Such rare for Russia bird species nest here, such as the great spotted eagle, imperial eagle, white-tailed eagle, prairie kestrel, prairie harrier, corncrake, great snipe. Thanks to the participation of Mail Bank customers, we plan to plant pine seedlings on the site, which will help restore the damaged ecosystem.
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