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Togliatti can be called a city in the forest - on three sides it is surrounded by a natural monument Stavropol pine forest. Before the fire in 2010, when 2000 m² of forest area burned down due to a dry summer, these places were a paradise. Roe deer, moose, hares, foxes, weasels, hedgehogs, partridges, black grouse and no less than twenty-five species of birds were found here. Honey mushrooms, mushrooms, boletus, boletus mushrooms grew in the forest. Togliatti residents gathered strawberries and strawberries here. In the forest area, there were walking paths and a special ski track. Ten entrance areas with signs created by sculptors from wood invited you to relax in this wonderful place. After a terrible fire, hundreds of residents of the city began work to restore their beloved forest. About 1900 hectares have already been planted, it remains to plant just over 100 hectares and for five years to take care of the plantings, monitor the survival rate and make additions. This spring, together with Pochta Bank, we plan to plant 89760 pine seedlings here, and to bring closer the day when the Stavropol pine forest will return to what it was.


Your forest will definitely grow — a forester will look after it for five years after planting
If a forester is unable to plant a forest here due to force majeure, we will find a similar area
This is one of the most famous parks in the world. You can trust it!
Larisa Yelfimova
Dear friends! In the Togliatti district forestry on the territory of the Stavropol pine forest Nature Monument from June to October 2019, work was carried out on agrotechnical mechanized care and manual weeding. In September, the weather was comfortable for the pine: in warm weather, it rained lightly. According to the results of the inventory of the current year, the survival rate of forest crops was 66%. In the ... spring we will conduct another monitoring, based on the results of which a schedule of additional landings will be drawn up. Forestry employees thank everyone who helps restore the Togliatti forest with their support.
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Larisa Yelfimova
Hello, friends! We hasten to share photos of our landings made by foresters during agrotechnical care.
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Larisa Yelfimova
Friends, landing on the site is completed. We thank everyone who took part in it. Thank you for restoring the forests of Russia!
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Larisa Yelfimova
Dear friends! We invite you to take part in the planting of a forest in Togliatti, which will be held in the Stavropol pine forest on Thursday, April 18, 2019. About 90 thousand pine trees will be planted in the center of the city, in a large wooded area badly damaged by the fire of 2010. This will bring the day closer when the forest loved by thousands of citizens will again become what it was. If you want to join us and plant ... your own forest, below is useful information: Planting date: April 18, 2019, Thursday. Collection time: 09:00 local time (+1 hour to Moscow time). Address: Samara region, Togliatti, ul. Homeland, 40. Data for navigators: 53.4992137, 49.3894178 Event program: 9:00 - Meeting, boarding buses 9:35 - Arriving at the landing site. 9:35 - 9:40 - Instructing, issuance of tools and seedlings. 9:40 –10: 50 - Landing. 11:00 - Awarding certificates of forest gratitude and medals, photo. 11:10 - Tea time. 11:30 - Departure by bus to the collection point on the street. Homeland, 40. What you need to take with you: - rubber boots, - gloves, - rain coat, - snack and water. We will meet you, we will show you everything and teach you to plant a forest! To participate in the landing it is necessary to register by the link: https://Treeography-com.timepad.ru/event/954573/
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Larisa Yelfimova
Тольятти можно назвать городом в лесу — с трех сторон его окружает памятник природы Ставропольский сосняк. До пожара 2010 года, когда из-за засушливого лета сгорело 2000 м² лесной площади, эти места были райским уголком. Здесь водились косули, лоси, зайцы, лисы, ласки, ежи, куропатки, тетерева и не менее двадцати пяти видов птиц.
В лесу росли опята, рыжики, маслята, подберезовики. Тольяттинцы собирали ... здесь землянику и клубнику. На лесной территории были дорожки для прогулок и специальная лыжная трасса. Десять входных зон с табличками, созданными скульпторами из дерева, приглашали отдохнуть в этом чудесном месте.
После ужасного пожара сотни жителей города начали работы по восстановлению своего любимого леса. Уже посажено около 1900 гектаров, осталось посадить чуть более 100 гектаров и в течение пяти лет ухаживать за посадками, мониторить приживаемость и делать дополнения. Этой весной вместе с Почта Банком мы планируем высадить здесь 89760 саженцев сосны, и приблизить день, когда Ставропольский сосняк снова станет таким, каким он был.
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Larisa Yelfimova
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