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Сосновые боры в долине Селенги – особая гордость Бурятии. Здесь холмистый ландшафт, то и дело прорезаемый скалами, прерывается широкими долинами рек, здесь живут удивительные люди – семейские, которые сохранили традицию расписывать свои дома яркими красками. Здесь можно встретить изюбря, волка, кабана, кабаргу, косулю, лисицу, зайца-беляка, краснокнижные виды животных и растений. Лес на данной территории был уничтожен крупным пожаром 1998 года, причиной которого был природный фактор. На естественное восстановление леса уйдут годы, но мы можем помочь природе!


Your forest will definitely grow — a forester will look after it for five years after planting
If a forester is unable to plant a forest here due to force majeure, we will find a similar area
This is one of the most famous parks in the world. You can trust it!
Vladimir Vladimirovich Bakirov
Friends, the landing in the Zaudinsky forestry took place! This year we had a great honor - the young forest became a gift from the staff of the Accounts Chamber to its leader, Alexei Leonidovich Kudrin. Professional foresters of the Tarbagatai forestry enterprise have planted 8000 pine seedlings - this is over two hectares of new forest! As soon as the trees get stronger, they will become part of the famous ... Transbaikal pine forests. The territories of the Zaudinsky forestry are included in the Central Protected Zone of Lake Baikal, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The pine forest has been rustling here for centuries, where deer, red wolves, sables and ermines live. By helping the National Park to restore forests, you make a huge contribution to the conservation of rare species and the restoration of the ecosystem of Transbaikalia.
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Vladimir Vladimirovich Bakirov
Dear friends! We invite you to take part in the planting of the forest, which will take place in the Zaudinsky forestry on September 24, 2021. If you want to plant your forest yourself - below is useful information: Planting date: September 24, 2021, Friday. Collection time: 11:00. Meeting place: Republic of Buryatia, Tarbagatai village, Pushkin st., 2, building A https://yandex.ru/maps/-/CCUmzEC7HB To ... participate in the event, be sure to register at the link: https: // treeography. timepad.ru/event/1779364/ What you need to take with you: o rubber boots or other high-density shoes. o gloves, o raincoat, o snacks and water. Come, we will show you everything and teach you how to plant a forest!
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Vladimir Vladimirovich Bakirov
Pine forests in the Selenga valley are a special pride of Buryatia. Here, a hilly landscape, every now and then cut by rocks, is interrupted by wide river valleys, amazing people live here - Semeiskie, who have kept the tradition of painting their houses with bright colors. Here you can find red deer, wolf, wild boar, musk deer, roe deer, fox, white hare, species of animals and plants listed in the Red Book. The forest ... in this area was destroyed by a large fire in 2010, the cause of which was a natural factor. It will take years to regenerate a forest naturally, but we can help nature!
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