Join International Trillion Tree Campaign

In January 2020, an international initiative to plant one trillion trees was announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos. In June 2020, Foreign Trade Bank in partnership with Treeography launched an online service Give Your Friend a Forest! that allows you to plant trees online in Europe and Asia. The estimated audience of the service is 5 million users. It will help restore over 105 thousand trees at the initial stage.

As a socially responsible bank, it is important for us to offer our clients an opportunity to preserve the world’s forest reserves located in the bank’s areas of presence and contribute to their growth. Currently, about 1 million hectares of land are in need of restoration there, so we offer everyone the opportunity to contribute to this process. According to our estimates, about 5 million people can take part in the project, says senior vice-president of the bank.

Reforestation, among other things, affects the reduction of the carbon footprint, which has become a major environmental problem of modern reality. Thanks to the partnership between Treeography and FT Bank with their high corporate responsibility, we can be sure that we are taking a big step towards preserving forests and changing the environmental situation, comments the founder of Treeography.


Smolensk Lakeland is one of the national parks where bank clients can plant their forest.

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