Transparency throughout the process

Transparent selection of planting sites
  • First. We work only with the areas subject to a special regime of use, protection and reforestation. They will not cut down your forest there.
  • Second. Reforestation site cannot be located on a leased land. Leaseholders are obliged to restore the forest they cut themselves. We do not work with such areas.
  • Third. We plant forests only where government does not plant them.

Both the foresters and the regional executive authority, i.e. Ministry of Nature, are responsible for compliance with the above rules. Therefore, it is only you who can plant a forest on your site, no double financing while your trees are protected by law.

Transparent planting

Everyone who has a certificate is invited to plant their forest. You can come to the site, meet the forester and plant your forest yourself. We can also organize a fantastic teambuilding event for you in the forest.

Transparent care

It takes five years of aftercare for a new forest to take root and grow. Foresters not only take care of your forest but also provide annual reports with photos. Thus, it is perfectly visible how your forest grows!

Transparency in a hundred years

Save the forest planting certificate in your family and your grandchildren can find your forest by coordinates over years. Of course, you are not required to wait for 100 years, so you can come to the site anytime you want.

That’s what we call transparency.


Post Bank employees planting pine trees in Kirov green area, September 2019

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