100% guarantee

Forest is our passion and profession. We value cooperation with well-known national parks and major corporations, so we provide a comprehensive guarantee. Everything will be all right, we are watching!

Hundreds of our reforestation sites are visible on the interactive map

Guarantee of planting

Before cooperating, we carefully check every forester and every planting site. We do attend every forest planting. We have not had a single unsuccessful case for years!

Guaranteed regular care and survival

The foresters sign a binding contract to provide care for the seedlings for five years. These five years are crucial for the survival of trees. Three times a year, the forester provides reports about tree care, with photos and videos. If for some reason, say a drought, some of the seedlings die, the forester will plant more seedlings. We also occasionally visit our reforestation areas for on-site checks.

We will get your forest planted and grown, 100%.


Forester planting trees in Ugra National Park, April 2019

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