Price: low and fair

The price for reforestation has a simple structure.

On the part of the forester, it includes the preparation of land, purchase of seedlings, planting trees, and the necessary five-year aftercare to guarantee the forest survive.
On our side, it includes project administration by our team, improvement of Internet maps, visits to the planting sites and fundraising for project development.
Everything is simple and fair.

We conclude direct reforestation contracts with the local operators - national parks, nature reserves and forestry enterprises. We do not use intermediaries or subcontractors. Thus, we manage to keep the price low for you.

Important: if someone offers you a cheap tree planting without aftercare, this is a reason to think about how many trees would survive on the site in a few years. Most likely, you will find almost no trees survive there. Therefore, you might want to contact us to plant your forest.


Planting trees in Monchegorsk forestry, August 2019

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